Friday, November 5, 2010

A Christmas Night

'Tis was Christmas Time. Streets of London were hustle and bustle with shoppers. Glistening Christmas trees, sounds of the bells ringing, Jingle Bell chants by the children filled the atmosphere with an aura of happiness and excitement. People were busy buying Christmas gifts for their loved ones, greeting cards, cakes, chocolates and other goodies. Santa was busy distributing gifts and exchanging smiles and kisses with the little children.. Even the street children were sounding happy and pleased 'cause there was something with Santa for everyone.. that thing was Love...

Richard, a  gentleman ( about 40) was also near the stores. Today, his daughter had asked him to buy her something she so wished to have , a beatiful doll with blue eyes and clothes decorated with strips of gold and silver. She had fallen in love with it and she admired it so much that she pestered him for it. As Richard neared the toy store, he saw a very young, sweet looking poor boy with tattered clothes standing next to the store with his grandmother. She was an old lady (about 70), freckled face wearing an torn, long overcoat. Both of them were staring at the doll. Richard approached them. Before they could begin to converse, Richard noticed that the boy and old lady's eyes looking worried and heavy, pain grit large on their faces. They appeared as if they would burst into tears any moment."Granny, please tell me. Are you sure we don't have enough money to purchase that doll?" The boy asked in a very deep,choked voice. The old lady did'nt reply. She appeared as if she was insensitive to any emotion and she never knew what it was to smile and be happy and content..

Richard could contain himself no more. "Boy, if you wish I could buy you that doll", he said looking first at the boy and then at the old lady. Richard continued," I'd thought that only girls like dolls....."  Richard's word were cut short... The boy said," Sir, This ain't for me. This is for my sister. I had promised her, that I would gift this doll to her. I love her very much. But, I don't have two things with me, money and time.I cannot afford to pay 250 dollars for that." Richard's heart melted seeing their plight. He made up his mind to help this poor boy, after all festive time DOES not mean only the rich should be happy and content.... OR DOES IT??

The old lady did'nt utter a single word. Richard said, " Fine, boy. I was about to purchase this doll for my daughter. But, I will now purchase it for your sister. But, on one condition. I promised my daughter that I would gift it to her , this Christmas. I will gift-wrap this doll myself and present it to your sister. I just want her to be happy, and I'd content myself into thinking that I made my own daughter happy. I understand your monetary situation, what about time? Why don't you have time? "
Boy: " Sir, whatever you said is not possible. My sister has gone to be with God a week back. " Richard's senses numbed. He felt his heart escape a beat.
He replied, " What in the holy name of Jesus, boy are you sane? If she's no more HOW ON EARTH WILL U GIFT THAT DOLL TO HER?"

The boy replied " Sir, I love my sister and I promised her the doll. I MUST gift her the doll. I love her."
Richard: "But, how will you...."
Boy: " Sir, My father said this morning that Mother was also going to go to be with God. So I thought that I will give the doll to my mother and she will in turn give it to my sister who must be waiting for her present. I've asked my father to make my Mother wait till the time, I'm not back with the doll. That is why, I don't have time..............

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