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Will Power...

It is said that the sub-conscious mind of a man has so much power that a man can even lift mountains if a man so desires and has faith in himself. This is what is "Will Power" and this story serves a befitting instance........

Shyam was a little boy who lived in the slums of Mumbai. His family could barely manage to make both ends meet. His mother used to wash utensils and clothes in several households. Shyam's dad was a drunkard who would beat his wife each night and extort money from her to fulfill his virile fantasies. As a result, often they had to sleep on an empty stomach. Shyam used to work in a dhaba near his house, he also was the local newspaper boy, in order to supplement the family income. Shyam's mother, though illiterate understood the importance of education, and so she had enrolled his name in a Municipal night school. Classes used to commence at about 7 in the evening and went on till 10:00 in the night.

Shyam's mother had great expectations from her son. She wanted him to become a " Computer Engineer ". Each night, she used to shed silent tears and looked up to the moon-lit sky as if to say something to the Lord, " Lord, I will never asked you anything for myself. I don't want my son to go through whatever I have been through all these years. Poverty is like a disease, it corrodes you like anything. Please make my son a successful man.."

Shyam was a very hard-working and studious, ambitious boy. He knew that his mother wanted him to be someone great in life. He also had faith within himself,within his abilites and capabilites. His day started each morning at 6:00 AM where in he used to drop newspapers at the doorsteps of few nearby localities. Then, he used to join his duties at the dhaba where he served and did the dishes. He used to work so diligently that even the owner of the dhaba mumbled blessings for him.. In the evening, he used to rush off to the school with a pencil and slate in hand. Books, he could'nt afford, so he used to listen attentively to whatever was been taught. After school, he used to settle down on the pavement and memorize his lessons, practise maths problems on his slate.. He NEVER studied in his home. His father used to abuse and beat his mother, spanked him , WAS STUDY POSSIBLE IN SUCH AN ENVIRONMENT ?

Came the S.S.C (Similar to CBSE, Delhi Board)  board exam. Shyam was toiling hard at the workplace and he burnt the midnight oil. He was confident of his success. Even his school teacher was expecting him to top.. This time around, he even had books, which he had bought with the money the dhaba owner had given to him (He treated him as his own son). Shyam put his heart and soul into each subject, he did fairly well in each of his papers.... And when the results were announced, he was in seventh heaven... he HAD TOPPED THE MUMBAI DIVISION WITH 96% MARKS........... Shyam's mother welcomed him home, she had tears of joy in her eyes. Shyam touched her feet.
" I am proud of you my son, may you reach the pinnacles of glory, hope you understand that EDUCATION is the only way out of all our woes..."

The Dhaba owner was so elated that he decided to take upon all the costs of Shyam's higher education. Shyam got admission in one of the top ranked colleges of Mumbai. All his batch-mates and class-mates were from an elite-class.. They used to tease him and hurl abuses at him. Shyam was undeterred. In his minds of minds, he had only one goal -  " BECOMING A SOMEONE - CARVING A NICHE FOR HIMSELF, MAKING HIS MOTHER PROUD."

Months went by and years rolled on. Shyam continued to top each exam even in his college.. Mr. Aiyer, Shyam's Maths proffessor was so impressed with him that he requested him to appear for entrance exam of VJTI, Mumbai ( top-most engineering colleges in Maharashtra.)  " But, Sir, ... Can I? I mean Engineering at VJTI would cost 50,000 Rs per year and I cannot afford...." . " Son, I will finance you, don't you worry, I will be there..", Mr. Aiyer said in a consoling tone, patting the boy's back...

With renewed vigour, Shyam began his studies. Again the place was the same, his old pavement. Mr. Aiyer asked him to come to his house for studies, but he refused..
Results were in the affirmative and Shyam topped the exam. He got an admission for Computer Engineering to  the topmost engineering colleges in Maharashtra. At home, his mother was crying happy tears.. Shyam hugged her and said, " MOTHER , I WON'T EVER LET U DOWN......"

Time flew.. With each day passing Shyam grew more confident of himself. Mr. Aiyer offered him all the financial support he needed. The dhaba owner also did his part. Shyam went on passing each semester ( In Engineering, there are 8 semesters of 6 months each - a total of 4 year course) with a distinction.. It was the 7th semester now. During this semester, companies approach colleges for placements, finding and recruiting talent... VJTI, being the top-ranked was no exception....

Shyam knew this was his ONLY chance. If only he could get a break in a MNC (Multi-National Company) he would be on-board with a lumpsum amount. NO. His aim was never MONEY. HIS AIM WAS MAKING HIS MOTHER HAPPY....

Microsoft was the first company on board. Shyam cleared through all the technical and written rounds and was now awaiting with bated breathe for a final round of interaction with the VP of South-Asian operations, Mr. Iommi. " Iss paar ya uss paar?" , he was thinking in his mind... His brain reminded him, " YOU HAVE TO CLEAR THIS, YOU HAVE TO, AND U MUST.. THINK OF YOUR MOTHER. OPPORTUNITY DOES NOT KNOCK TWICE IN LIFE."
"Mr. Shyam ? Please come inside..."

Mr. Iommi was a tall man with a husky , deep voice. He shook hands with Shyam.
Iommi: " So You are Shyam. I am very much impressed with your academics. You seem to have topped each exam, whats the secret of your success?"
Shyam: "To be very frank, I give every exam with ONLY intention... To come first in it.."
Iommi: " Quite Interesting. What is your aim in life? Money, fame, Luxury ? "
Shyam: "Sir, Money. I am from a very humble background. We barely manage to make both ends meet. My mother washes clothes and utensils, I myself work at a hotel. I had be through HELL all these years to study.. My aim in life is to make my mother happy, without her I could have NEVER REACHED HERE, I could have still been known as a local newspaper boy. My second aim is to help and educate all those children dwelling in slums of Mumbai. I would not like anybody been DEPRIVED of the their basic right, EDUCATION. EDUCATION MAKETH A MAN. For that I need money."

Mr Iommi smiled. He knew in his heart that he had found the guy he was looking for. Ambitious, strong, young, dashing and caring. He pulled out a paper.
"Boy, I hire you. You have been hired as a trainee programmer and would be posted to Bangalore. There you will undergo an year of training in latest technological trends and then you will be shifted to Redmonton, US the headquarters of Microsoft. Your starting remuneration would be about 5.5 K as per your currency.. After successful completion of 1 year, it will be 9K as per your currency. Don't worry about accomodation either in Bangalore or US, we will provide you everything - basic amenities. Your joining date will be a month after you complete your engineering course. Any question you wanna ask? Also, please sign here if you accept my offer, and keep this as a copy of your joining letter.. "

Shyam just felt his heart stopped beating. "What in the world?" , he could barely speak... Somehow he grasped and groped for words..... " I accept , I accept, No more questions, no more questions...." He signed the paper, thanked Mr. Iommi, darted off to his slum , whistling and smiling and singing... He barged in through the front door, desparately looking for his mother..
" Hi, Mom, I got a job, I got a job in one of the top computer industries in the world - Microsoft, my starting salary is around 5.5 lakhs.. ", he shrieked in delight..,
"I have been posted to Bangalore for a year and after that it will be America....!!!!!!!!! "
His mother lost her tongue. She was so filled with happiness tears welled down her eyes.... " May every mother on earth be blessed with such an ambitious son..."
" I owe you Mom, I owe you. I promise, I will be your support, and here onwards, you won't even shed a single tear of pain... THE ONLY TEARS YOU'D EVER SHED WILL BE THAT OF HAPPINES.........................." 

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